12 powerful online marketing tools in 2020 – 21

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Every year, businesses face the problem of finding effective channels to reach their customers and customers. And in 2020, online marketing tools are the most effective advertising method in most industries. Of course, this does not mean that offline marketing tools are not worth dealing with, yet we see that marketing spending is constantly shifting into the online space.

Today, business leaders and marketers can choose from a wide range of online marketing tools. And marketing agency GlobalHype Media solutions has collected the top list of the most effective. These tools are definitely worth considering.

12 powerful online marketing tools

1. The company’s website

In the 21st century, you can’t achieve success without a quality website. Whether it’s a small pizzeria or the website of a large production company, users expect to get information quickly and conveniently. Moreover, most click-based paid ads, direct visitors, to the company’s website, so a lot depends on whether you make a good impression. When a company contacts us for advice, website auditing is always one of our first tasks.

2. Google Ads (AdWords) ads

We find that search ads are now starting to be considered a boring, sticky tool. It’s not worth falling for these misconceptions. Search ads (99% google ads at home)are still the best targeted online marketing tools. We can drive the best possible traffic to our website: our ads are only displayed to those who are looking for our service. At Marketing21, we see that these campaigns have an extremely high rate of return when working with professionally structured campaigns and quality landing pages.

3. Facebook Ads

Facebook has undergone incredible changes in recent times: reading about constantly growing reach, privacy scandals (such as the Cambridge Analytica case) cutting back on the tech giant’s stock indices. However, it is still a very good tool in the hands of marketers: they have great targeting opportunities to find our customers. It is worth exploiting the potential of the instrument until further tightening is introduced.

4. Meta Search Engine Meta Search Pages

Meta Searchengineis every page that draws data from other search pages. In other words, search pages that compare bids on other search pages. For hotels, trivago or Google Hotel Ads can be a very good source of traffic.

Similarly, it is useful to use price comparison pages. Webshops selling electronic products are required to share the catalog directly.

5. Search engine optimization

SEO is a very old but constantly evolving online marketing tool. It allows you to get visitors to our website that doesn’t cost tech giants a dime. However, you should also see that it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of time to optimize a web page. It is also true for online marketing that you have to pay one way or the other to get customers.

6. Email Marketing

We’ve buried e-mail marketing many times. Still, it looks like he’s going to be with us for a while. E-mail marketing will continue to be the most important element of professionally designed sales funnels in 2020. The question is whether we are able to pamper our subscribers with quality content. The time for boring advertising letters is long over.

7. Banners and display ads

Click-through rates have been declining on the Display network for years. Regardless, banner advertising is both a great-known tool and a traffic source. Marketing21 uses and offers Google Display network ads to our customers. With well-targeted, high-quality content and professionally built landing pages, you can get good results with display ads.

Google also offers very sophisticated targeting options: we can show our ads to former visitors to our website (remarketing) or to users who are interested in competing websites. Moreover, these settings are just the tip of the iceberg: the number of opportunities and audience combinations is nearly infinite.

8. Dynamic remarketing ads

Consumers expect to see relevant ads. And dynamic remarketing is the best at this. There may not be a more effective form of advertising for webshops among online marketing tools.

We can study consumer interest in dynamic remarketing advertising. Your browsing history will tell you what products you’ve viewed in a webshop. After that, we can only promote products that they are really interested in.

If you searched the webshop for a printer the previous week, you’ll also see printers on your Facebook timeline. If they were looking at swimsuits for the beach season, then in the article read on the news website, swimsuits should be advertised to them.

9. Blogging and content marketing

Really skillful marketers know that millions in marketing budgets are unnecessarily burned money without entertainment, tutorials, or thought-provoking content. Every company needs to take advantage of its blogging potential. We know that many businesses don’t have time to do this, or they simply don’t have a content marketing specialist. Fortunately, many online marketing companies offer content marketing services these days, so that’s not an obstacle.

10. PR articles on professional sites

If a business has managed to delineate its target group, it can also know what types of Pages, newspapers, or bloggers its customers are following. It is worth contacting media owners (or an agency) and then place our own content on the interface. If you want to become a star of your profession, PR articles are a real gold mine. We often believe that PR articles are extremely expensive – sometimes they are – and there are cost-effective solutions and media collaborations.

11th Waze Ad

Online marketing agencies are just beginning to truly realize the power of this great online marketing tool: they can easily reach out to users driving nearby with the Waze community navigation app. It is not worth waiting for an immediate increase in traffic from Waze, as we do not click on a website while driving. Local branding, on the other hand, can be an effective tool if a significant proportion of your target audience travels by car.

12th powerful marketing tool: Instagram

Instagram is a real teenage marketing tool: it grows fast, learns fast, and surprises marketers every day. It’s worth learning the potential of Instagram in time because we wouldn’t be surprised if, in a few years’ time, we’ll see declining organic reach and rising PPC costs on this platform as well. Today, however, it is a real ratio mine for those who can make quality content.