13 Marketing ideas to blow up January traffic

Managed. We have moved on to 2021 and will say goodbye to 2020. The year that brought us so many ~ unprecedented ~ experiences. Real pandemic, turbulent economic changes, the rise of TikTok, and much more.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate what we’ve been through together. All right, now it’s time to get to work. The holidays are over, the marketing plan is ready for launch in 2021.

In order to get your 2021 year off to a successful start, we’ve brought a lot of creative January marketing ideas, including:

  • Quick and easy marketing ideas that we can deal with this month and that will help us start the year on the right foot.
  • Ideas to help you organize and modernize your design.
  • January holidays, celebrations, and themes that help you plan promotions, social calendars, and business events.

Quick and easy January marketing ideas for the right start to the year

1. Update your Google My Business profile

Your Google My Business profile is more important now than ever. If you want to show up when local search engines are trying to find businesses like yours, Google, or Google Maps, then we should have a full and optimized Google Business profile.

Take a minute to make sure you’ve set up your profile, and then move on to optimizing your profile:

  • Fill in the “Q&A” section of your profile with frequently asked questions.
  • Enter some pictures or videos that show your business.
  • Be sure to respond to all reviews.

2. Create holiday summary posts

The holidays may be over, but let’s not forget the opportunity to spread the word about the holiday season of the last month. We can still make holidays part of January marketing by creating and publishing summary posts for holidays on our blog or social media sites.

Here are some ideas:

  • Did your catering company work for a holiday party to order? Post pictures of the event, preparation, or even recipes.
  • We can #tbt the benefits of #tbt (Throwback Thursday) on Facebook and Instagram to draw attention to a past event and commemorate a happening and event that is dear to us and important to the company.
  • Cleaning services or household goods distributors can, for example, provide useful information on cleaning after the holidays or Christmas tree disposal tips.

The holidays are hectic and customers may feel a shortage during this period, so this could be an easy way to create content and stay in the cycle.

3. Advertise upcoming events or promotions

Sell your business both online and offline, highlighting upcoming events for 2021. Some upcoming holidays include, for example, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day.

If we plan anything for these events, such as the upcoming Valentine’s Day deals at a spa or the special Valentine’s menu in your restaurant, let customers know! The promotional calendar is a great way to let customers know about upcoming promotions or events that our business supports or retains. Let’s write in advance which holiday we want to prepare for.

4. Start a loyalty program

Each business owner knows the value of a loyal customer. Loyal customers are repeat business and are more likely to bring in additional customers.

But how can we build customer loyalty? One way is the customer ness program, and January is the most appropriate time to start this!

Here are some ideas for the loyalty program:

  • Create and print a simple points card for customers. All purchases or services are equal to one stamp. After 10 stamps, customers can receive a free product and discounted service.
  • Let’s offer discounts to current customers for every new customer they bring to our company.
  • Create a tiered loyalty program so that customers can act at higher levels based on their purchase history — the higher the tier, the better the discounts.

Be sure to advertise your loyalty program on social media and your location so customers can get to know it easily.

5. Run a Facebook ad campaign

If you haven’t tried Facebook advertising yet, this is a great time to make your marketing even more effective. Think about a specific marketing goal you want to achieve — say, getting as many website visitors as possible this year, increasing our relevant audience on Facebook, or collecting more potential customers. Whichever goal we set for this year, we can do it with a specific Facebook ad.

If we have some great start-of-year promotions, we can use them in ads to attract new customers.

January design ideas for success

6. Solidify your annual goals and marketing plan

Whether you’re an agency professional, a business owner, or a freelancer, it’s important to have both personal and professional goals for the year. Let’s take some time earlier this month to make sure we have goals and consolidate our marketing plan.

As we know and have seen up close over the past year, things can change quickly, so let’s have a documented plan, a growth strategy that we can follow in any situation.

7. Create New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

Let’s make the New Year’s resolutions/pledges that we share with our community—and ask our followers to share theirs. It’s a great way to engage followers, get them to interact, and even increase our base and give them away for all this.

In addition, we may create regular content based on our resolution. Here are some examples:

  • You can post weekly in fitness centers to create a supportive community.
  • Restaurants and catering services can write a blog or Facebook posts with healthy recipes.
  • We can write regular monthly blogs and posts on how our company is meeting sustainability objectives.

8. Start with a clean email account

There’s nothing more exciting than coming back from the holidays to see the number of incoming messages. Let’s start the new year with a clean mailbox – let’s go over old emails that are “starred” and never followed. Let’s close these; or delete them.

If you’re not already using it, create folders for your emails to help you organize your inbox. To keep the current version of your marketing plan and the results you’ve achieved right at your fingertips, create a separate folder (don’t always have to search among the 100 emails and versions) and with one click you can see what’s been met and what needs to be changed.

P.S.: Did you know that January 25-29 In fact, Clean Out Your Inbox Week? It’s a perfect excuse to take some time and go through the e-mails.

9. Review what worked last year (and what didn’t)

Now that we have a full year’s data, let’s also take the time to look at what posts, promotions, ideas, have worked over the past year and what haven’t.

Here are some ideas for what to look at:

  • What content performed best on social media? What were the most popular posts that moved most people?
  • Which pages on our website had the most traffic?
  • Which newsletter content has reached the most click-throughs?
  • Which campaigns have the most conversions?
  • What were the ones that didn’t perform as well as you thought they did— and how could it be improved?

10. Read 2021 marketing trends and forecasts

With the new year, a lot of new content will be released that can help us. Find some articles or blog posts to help you learn more quickly and accurately about what experts expect this year in certain industries. Let’s write down some ideas or trends that are worth trying for us.

January marketing ideas related to holidays and events

11. Take part in national holidays, community activities

In America, for example, January 18th is a national holiday, when martin Luther king jr.’s birthday is celebrated and commemorates the Nobel Peace Prize he received for his civil rights leadership. Many communities are taking part in the day in his honor to continue their legacy.

Take part in a similar social day with your clients or colleagues. For instance, “Republic Day” is celebrated in India on 28th January, which is an excellent opportunity to do so. You can organize your own event or join events that have already been planned. Create a news story about the initiative on social media and invite other small businesses to participate. Joining forces with others is a great way to build your community while promoting your reputation as a business.

12th Love the winter

In January, most of the country is covered in snow. You can love it or hate it, there’s nothing you can do about it, so turn it in your best. Make snowy, cold weather less gray with positive content, promotions, and other marketing ideas celebrating the cold.

Such as:

  • If you are engaged in distributing children’s clothing, give useful tips and advice on how to dress your child according to the weather and the activity he or she is engaged in.
  • If you have a restaurant we recommend our daily hot soup to go.
  • Construction and snow cleaning companies can write about the difficulties of winter weather at home – proper snow cleaning or, for example, how to winterize draughty windows.
  • Let’s give you an occasional discount. Whenever it snows in the city, let’s offer a discount on the amount of snow that has fallen, for example, a 20% discount for 20 cm of snow!

13. Clean email account clean desk

It could be a vow, but starting January with a clean slate will affect the whole year. Sitting at a clean, tidy desk, marketing ideas come in better and have a positive impact on our efficiency.

Put an afternoon in the office and everyone clean up their desks. Share your picture with the social media audience. Then ask them to share their results with you. You can even start a competition – a lucky person who shares their pictures wins a special prize.

Make your January stress-free and productive

January can often be a stressful time for business owners, but with the right marketing ideas and plans, we can ease stress without losing new customers and commitment. Happy New Year!