Things to consider for the product selection on Amazon

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Amazon is the biggest online marketplace for sellers, wholesalers, and buyers. Buyers get a huge variety of choices of the products he or she is interested to buy. Amazon is actually the world’s biggest virtual shopping mall, which has a hell of a lot of products in every niche that gives no reason for the buyer not to buy from Amazon.

Considering the popularity of Amazon, a lot of sellers have become a member of Amazon to sell their products on Amazon and that is good but that has also created a lot of competition. Today every seller wants to become a best seller on Amazon and fulfill his/her dream. But not everyone can become a good seller on Amazon primarily because of the wrong product selection and various other reasons.

Now if are a seller on Amazon and aspire to become a best seller on Amazon then follow this article as here I am going to discuss the points you should consider for the profitable products selection.

Points for the selection of the perfect product

  1. Avoid competitive product or niche – You should not go with the products that rank in terms of selling in between 1 to 100. You should pick the product whose selling rank is between 100 to 400. For example, if you take any category like Home and kitchen, fitness, electronics, baby & toys, just to name a few. Now in these and in many other categories, there are millions of products. Out of the products in any of the category, you are interested to sell in or are already selling physically, pick a product that has the rank anywhere between 200 to 600. Initially focus on everyday sales of 5, then maybe 10, then 20, and so on. What I mean to say here is focus on good product selection with low or medium selling competition and focus on less no of sales initially then gradually the sales will automatically increase on the basis of the keywords you have used, images of the product and many other things. But primary focus should be on selecting the product which has medium or less competition.
  2. Calculate the margin of the products – Calculate the margin after the deduction of all the expenses. This is an important step whereby you get to know your profit margin for selling any product. According to many researches, many sellers have made a mistake by going before a product without calculating and deducting the expenses like GST which varies from product to product, Fullfillment by Amazon (FBA) commission, service taxes and other miscellaneous charges to understand their true profit margin and eventually couldn’t able earn much out of this business due to the less profit margin. So make sure you calculate before going to or picking any product to sell.
  3. Check data of the product – You have to check if the product you have selected is selling on Amazon or any other e-commerce market or not. Because without any data how you can be so sure that ok this product I will sell. If you know the no of daily and monthly sales of the product, if you know about the competitive products or rivals then it will be easier for you to list a profitable product on Amazon. You can easily able to know every sort of data about the product through consulting us.
  4. Work on images, relevant content and keyword – Before you start listing the products on Amazon, you should make sure that the product has good quality image from every prominent angle which again, the angle varies from product to product, but good quality images with the key features should be there along with a illustrative video (if required). We would suggest you to do a little research about how your competitors have listed the same sort of products along with the content so that it will much easier for you to describe the USP or a unique selling proposition of a product. Next thing is keyword, make sure you are using relevant keyword. Remember relevancy in the content, images and keywords is the key in Amazon and you should be relevant with your content, keywords, and images while doing Facebook ads, building and publishing landing pages and significantly while doing a PPC (pay per click) campaign on Amazon which most of sellers do to increase their sales and grab more attention.

I hope you are now clear about how to perfectly do a product selection for selling on Amazon. Do share with all who are in need to know about this information.