Should you do social media marketing yourself or hand it over to an agency?


Social media marketing today is not merely used for business’s service or product promotion and awareness. But today more than the promotion it also acts as a key tool for building a good reputation and overall good brand image.

According to Statista, which specializes in market and consumer data, Social media penetration in India has been increasing year on year and if we see the total number of social media users in 2020, it is 376.1 million, which is a 7.02% increase from last year, when the number of users was 351.4 million.

According to the Digital 2020 report from the Data portal, more than half of the world now uses social media.

Hence it is really crucial for any start-up or mid-Size Company to step up to make their mark in the minds of their target consumer through different social media channels.

But should you do social media marketing yourself or give this job to a highly professional digital or social media marketing agency?

Ideally, you should give this to the esteemed professionals of either a digital marketing or social media marketing agency. Why?

Personalized strategy

An agency will develop a unique strategy, really tailored to your needs. To achieve this, it will analyze your market, examine the strategy of your competitors, and determine the points on which to work. It will also identify the platforms made for you and it will create specific content for each of them (text, video, visuals, etc.). The action plan developed by your agency will allow you to reach the public who are interested in your products or services or I can simply say they will enable you to reach your target people effectively.

Full management

The digital agency will manage your social networks from A to Z: setting up the strategy, publishing the content, interacting with Internet users, reporting, and analyzing the results of each action. No more worries, she takes care of everything!

Team of experts

Why hire a Community Manager, with limited knowledge, when you might have an armada of experts at your service? Specialists in Facebook or SEO campaigns, graphic designers, web editors, each will bring you their most advanced knowledge to ensure you maximum visibility.


Social networking specialists analyze the effects of each marketing action, and depending on the results observed, they will immediately adapt the strategy to give you more visibility. What’s more, you can request changes to the policy if you feel it is necessary at any time.

Cost control

A digital agency will not only concoct a strategy according to your needs but also according to your budget. With this flexible solution, you can change the budget allocated to your social networks at any time, depending on your resources or needs. Practical, simple, and effective!

Saving time

By going through a digital agency, you will save a hell of a lot of time. Then there will also be no need to dedicate part of your company’s employee working time to the management of social networks, the agency takes care of everything! This allows the company to focus on its tasks and objectives.

Outside look

Using an agency also means getting a different view of your needs and the actions you need to take to gain more notoriety. It is also the guarantee of having the opinion of professionals, who immediately identify the points to work for your social networks.


Ok, you want to take care of part of the management of social networks yourself, no problem! But have you ever thought if you have the necessary especially contemporary and effective social media marketing skills to get more customers, simply create high awareness in less time or whatsoever?

Don’t get in trouble! A digital agency is at your doorstep to answer all your questions and effective management of your social media marketing. Significantly, it will also provide you with Social Media training, if necessary. As previously said, today, for every sort of company, it is vital to have a social media presence on social networks. It has become a necessity now.

So why not launch its 2.0 social media marketing with a digital or social media marketing agency now?