3 tips to boost sales on Amazon during COVID-19


Over the past 10 months, in an environment filled with uncertainties related to Covid, and with an increasingly complex supply of problems to understand for the business, the question most often asked by the clients is:

  • Is Amazon really good because I am not getting sales?
  • Which marketplace is best to do online business?
  • Is Amazon essential to my e-commerce strategy?
  • What is the right technological base to relaunch my business and take advantage of all the opportunities?

Amazon is often a no-brainer for many merchants. But the risk is still there of getting low to no sales because

  1. As most of the businesses are jumping on Amazon considering its high popularity among the people, there is a high chance of intense competition in the same niche in which you are.
  2. The pricing of the products could become a hurdle as other sellers could be there who will sell at a lower price than yours and many other factors are involved.

Hence at GlobalHype, we’ve decided to give you a vision of all the tools and tricks at your disposal to increase and secure your activity on Amazon.

This is an opportunity for many brands. Indeed, what we have found is that brands not only adopt Amazon to sell but also significantly increase their market share through this channel.

Amazon, a key performance lever

Product visibility on Amazon is becoming increasingly difficult to reach, as millions of sellers compete for their position on increasingly limited screen space. Major brands and retailers need to use advanced Amazon advertising strategies to increase their visibility and stand out from the crowd.

Success on Amazon depends on many other factors. You need unique products, dynamic pricing, good reviews, and quick execution options, to name a few.

But one of the most important factors that determine your long-term success is simply to be seen.

Key factors for success on Amazon

You might have seen many offers are present on the same product. And that’s because you have to stand out in order to win the sales.

It is important to understand the product listing how other sellers have listed their products and positioned them that is how have they described the product and USP. The goal is to match your product data with the expectations of the Amazon marketplace.

Our investment for our customers on Amazon in 2020 has increased by more than 125%.

This shows the seriousness accorded by our sellers to this market place. An investment that pays off. Some of the sellers’ click-through rates to product pages increased by 210%.

This is due to a combination of better ad slots and extensive work on SEO listings on the marketplace.

Here we will share some of the secrets that have made our merchants successful.

Tip 1 – Aim to get the Buy Box

The Buy Box is actually based on 6 well-identified criteria. For winning, you have to master at least 4 of these 6 criteria.

Criterion 1: Price

You need to identify your price, floor price, and costs for each of your products in order to offer the most competitive price.
What is expected from Amazon: the total price must be the lowest of all your competitors. It is therefore important at the beginning to trim its margin in order to better position itself and unlock the Buy Box.

Criterion 2: Availability

It is essential that your stock is constant and well supplied. Amazon expects a fast and steady execution.

Criterion 3: Volume

The sale of this product must record an excellent sales volume

Criterion 4: Refund

It is important to manage shipments and order processing well. A refunding rate due to seller errors will cause you to lose the Buy Box. So be up to date in terms of logistics before you start. Our teams support several merchants on the logistics issue to validate its consistency with Amazon’s requirements.

Criterion 5: Buyer’s Assessment

Encourage your customers to leave reviews of your products and have a low negative rating rate (less than 5%). We recommend using our tools to boost the number of positive reviews and better control your brand image.

Criterion 6: Request for Guarantee A to Z

The demand for the A-to-Z warranty is feared by many merchants. This offers the possibility for all Amazon customers to return products and refunds without any specific proof. It is, therefore, necessary that the number of guarantees A to Z be as low as possible.

Tip 2 – Aim to improve your Amazon quality score

Quality product sheets enrich the customer experience and allow for better positioning at the SEO level. The quality score of the listings on Amazon is based on the following 6 elements:

The tree node

Categorizing your products in the right tree node increases their visibility to the end customer, and thus their sales potential. This improves your SEO by 10% compared to your competitors.

The brand

Brands allow customers to filter results. If the customer filters by brand and your product don’t provide it – even if you mention it in the description – it may never find your product.

The description

The descriptions provide the details that customers use to compare similar products before choosing the one they will buy. We recommend that the description be shaped and is as close as 2,000 characters.

The image

Images help customers select products and make purchasing decisions. We recommend image 3000 px × 3000 px image resolution. It is important to have more than three images for the algorithm to value the product sheet. Prefer horizontal images without a watermark and with a white background.

The catalog

The widest possible selection must be offered. Indeed, a catalog of about twenty products will clearly have the difficulty of getting visible.

So you need to update your inventory on Amazon and use tools like Channable to make you feel safe from changing information. You need to identify 20% of the best-performing and most profitable products, in order to implement product sponsorship actions to increase sales without risking exploding your budgets on Amazon Ads.

Tip 3 – Focus on 5 start reviews

Create a mailing list and request customers to leave reviews

A simple way to get more product reviews is by sending an after-sales e-mail. It is totally fine to send emails and request your customers to write reviews for you. The email should be sent after a reasonable period of time following an order. The only thing to keep in mind is not to sound pushy, outright, or annoying in your emails.

Use social media

Social media can increase the number of customer opinions. For example, you can occasionally send out campaigns to fans and supporters on Twitter and Facebook to write about their experiences and reviews.

Use Amazon Review Services

The struggle to build early reviews for new products is a problem for Amazon sellers. If new products do not have any reviews, customers are much less likely to purchase the item. Amazon Vine and Amazon Early Reviewer program are product review programs created and managed by Amazon.

We hope that these tips will allow you to better reference your offers and increase your sales. If you want more advice, you can get a free Marketplaces audit from GlobalHype.